The Biblical Zoo

The Tisch Family Zoological Gardens is an interesting family destination and one of the main tourist attraction sites in the country. Located in Al-Malha neighborhood, and standing on 62 acres, the site contains a big artificial lake, waterfalls and pools; it is a comforting place where, in addition to the vast collection of wildlife, beautiful nature and landscapes are present. The Biblical Zoo has certainly enough to offer to keep a visitor occupied for a whole day.

The park has a wildlife Savannah, where animals roam freely and visitors can take a train to transport them all over the park, with multi stops alongside a route that will take you allow you to watch over 170 diverse species. Moreover, the park includes a special zoo for children, where they can feed animals, enjoy special made climbing routes and be entertained in the playgrounds.

And as if what we mentioned above was not interesting enough, the park goals still exceed being an entertainment and natural site. Its primary goal was to provide animals with decent living conditions, educating the visitors about preserving nature and protecting the wildlife, raising awareness and participating in international projects related to conservation of endangered species.

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*It is highly suggested to verify the opening hours on the website prior to your visit


Phone #: 02-6750111


Address: 1 Derech Aharon Shulov