Tel Aviv Port, or Namal Tel Aviv as it is called in the local language, was founded in the mid-1930s, and quickly flourished into the largest working port in the country ever since. The port which was fully revamped in 2001 is today it one of the most vibrant places in Tel Aviv. The wooden wave-shaped deck is packed with stores, cafes, bars, leisure centers and entertainment activities.

Shops at Namal Tel Aviv include popular local fashion brands, Sport and Surfing shops, in addition to smaller boutique shops. Also there is a large variety of restaurants, cafes and bars which keep the area busy throughout the day. At Hangar 12, there’s an indoor market which offers the freshest and finest of local food, wine and cheese, with also three playgrounds covering over 9,000 meters, which keeps children occupied. They include slides, climbing ropes, a boat swing, a cable pyramid with hammocks and a 30 meter long zip-line. 

Even if you don’t fancy eating, shopping or drinking, just walking around the port is well worth the time. And if you happened to be there on a Friday, out for street performers such as The Human God, an acrobatic entertainer who keeps the crowds entertained nearly every Friday. Another thing you can watch for on Fridays is the Farmers market, which is held every Friday until 15:00, and is located just outside the indoor market.

And as the lights go down in the area the day time masses disappear only to be replaced by a different set, Tourists and Young locals gather by the area at night looking for the next party. The nightlife around the port area is one of the main reasons that added to the city’s reputation of having one of the best Nightlife scenes in the region.


Main shops in the Port Area:

Local Fashion: Replay, Castro

Sports and Surfing: Blue Bird, Adidas, Speedo and Asics

Cafes: Aroma

Fancy restaurants: Mul Yam

Bars and Nightclubs: Galina Bar, Uptown dance bar, TLV


Opening Hours:

8:00 to 20:00 every day except Sundays.