Mount of Olives



The Mount of Olives is one of three hills on a mountain ridge located in the eastern side of city and nearby the Old City of Jerusalem. Due to its relative height, rising to more than 800 meters, it offers a matchless view of the Old city. The name came from the Oliver Groves that covered its hills. Today, most of the hill is occupied by “Al Tur” neighborhood with a Muslim-majority population. 

Religious Value

This holy site is associated with several events in the life of Jesus Christ; it was the spot from which Jesus ascended to heaven (Chapel of Ascension), Also, the place where the Christ taught the Lord’s Prayer (Pater Noster) his disciples. And due to this association it became a site of Christian Pilgrimage for Catholics, Eastern Orthodox and Protestants. Moreover, the mount has also significance in Judaism; having been mentioned by Biblical sources to host future miraculous events, and due to its location and proximity to the city, it became a Jewish cemetery for more than 3000 years, a tradition that began during the First Temple period and continued ever since, holding around 150,000 graves, which made it central in the Jewish cemeteries tradition. The site has also witnessed events in the lives of King David and King Solomon.

Tourist Attractions Nearby:

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P The Garden tomb    (0.9 km)                       P Old City of Jerusalem (1.7 km)

Things to do:

P Don’t miss the panoramic view of the old city just opposite to the 7 Arches hotel.

P Visit the Bazaar for memorable Souvenir

P Enjoy local authentic food

P Rent a camel